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2020 Online Foreign Investment Promotion of Yunnan, China

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Desk Report: The Yunnan Provincial Government has recently issued guidelines to assist in the development of (Yunnan) China, the Pilot Free Trade Area (Yun Zheng Fa No. 15 [2020]). The document calls on all local governments and units in the province to broaden their investment and financing channels and make efforts to build strategic emerging and cutting-edge industrial zones. It is expected to become an important node to link China’s Belt and Road initiative with the Yunnan Yangtze Economic Belt and become an open stealth and bridgehead for relations with South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean region. The key points covered in the guidelines are as follows:

  1. Greater autonomy in reform
  2. Development of industrial groups
  3. Provide support at financial openings
  4. To create a conducive environment to attract international talents

The second special marketing event will introduce the cities of Lijiang, Yuxi and Xishuangbanna and their new projects to the audience.

Lijiang is Stunning and Promising

Honorable Referrer: Chen Guangming,

Deputy Director-General of Lijiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Lijiang is located at the junction of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet, and it has been known as the “key commercial town in Northwest Yunnan”. With a total area of 20,600 square kilometers, Lijiang governs five districts and counties. Lijiang has a developed transportation hub network and is rich in hydropower resources. As the only way for China-Myanmar pipeline natural gas, the pipeline natural gas network covering the urban area has been constructed. In May 2019, the first 5G test base station in Yunnan appeared in Dayan Ancient City of Lijiang.

Relying on its own resource advantages, Lijiang City has witnessed rapid development of four major industries: cultural tourism, clean energy, plateau characteristic agriculture, biological medicine and big health. The city has built up a modern industrial system with Lijiang characteristics, and at the same time, established “three advantageous brands” of green energy, eco-friendly food and healthy living destination.

Key Recommended Projects

Project 1: Chenghai health town project in Yongsheng County

The project has a land area of 3 square kilometers, an estimated investment of RMB 2 billion, average annual revenue of RMB 145.5 million and an estimated investment payback period of 17 years.

Project 2: Dadong Hot Spring Resort Development Project in Gucheng District, Lijiang City

The project has a land area of 500 mu, an estimated investment of RMB 500 million, average annual revenue of RMB 114 million and an estimated investment payback period of 6 years.

Project 3: Jinsha River Ecological Economic Corridor Construction Project in Lijiang

The project is located along the Jinsha River in Lijiang City with an estimated investment of RMB 10 billion, estimated annual revenue of RMB 1.392 billion, and an estimated investment payback period of 11 years.

Project 4: Yongning Basin Mosuo Ancient Town Project

The project has a land area of 100 hectares, an estimated investment of RMB 1.12 billion, average annual revenue of RMB 600 million and an estimated investment payback period of 4 years.

Welcome to Yuxi!

Honorable Referrer: Zhao Qiong

Director-General of Yuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Yuxi boasts beautiful scenery, mild, humid and pleasant climate, and rich natural resources. There are as many as 3,000 kinds of plants in the city, including more than 1,000 kinds of medicinal plants, more than 300 kinds of garden flowers and plants, and more than 500 kinds of wild animals, which have great development and utilization potential and economic value. The reserves of iron ore, copper ore, nickel ore and phosphate ore are rich. The resources of water, wind and solar energy are abundant, and the energy infrastructure is perfect. Yuxi is ecologically livable, open and inclusive.

This time Yuxi recommends four key investment projects, with a total investment of more than RMB 2.68 billion. They focus on attracting enterprises engaged in theme park development and construction, cultural tourism development and construction, amusement facilities investment, development and operation, catering hotel investment, development and operation, culture and creativity, agriculture investment development and operation.

Key Recommended Projects

Project 1: Theme park on the South Bank of Qilu Lake in Tonghai County, Yuxi City.

The construction site is on the South Bank of Qilu Lake in Tonghai County, covering an area of 100 mu with an estimated investment of RMB 300 million.

Project 2: Lijiashan ancient tomb group archaeological site park

The cultural and creative base is in Jiangchuan District with a planned area of about 1,500 mu and a total investment of RMB 120 million.

Project 3: Citrus intensive processing and brand operation project in Xinping County.

The project has a planning area of 30 mu and a total floor area of 29,500 m2. It mainly includes the construction of refrigeration workshop, intensive processing workshop, packaging workshop, office and research and development building, warehouse and supporting facilities, with a total investment of RMB 111.6 million.

Project 4: Mango characteristic town

The project is located in Ganzhuang-Home to overseas Chinese in Pan-Asia, Yuanjiang County, with a planning area of 5.03 square kilometers and a total investment of RMB 2.15 billion.

Beautiful Xishuangbanna

Honorable Referrer: Ma Chengling

Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Commerce of Xishuangbanna Dai

Autonomous Prefecture

Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture governs one city and two counties. The territory area is 19,582.45 square kilometers. This is the second largest natural rubber production base in China, the oldest origin of large-leaf tea, and the authentic hometown of Pu’er tea. Xishuangbanna borders on Laos and Myanmar in the east, south and west respectively, and it is adjacent to Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries with a border of 966.3 km. The Kunming-Bangkok International Corridor and the central line of the Pan-Asian Railway under construction pass through the territory. There are five national first-class ports in the whole prefecture. The “four countries, nine parties” cooperation mechanism between China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand has been further deepened. Xishuangbanna has an important position in national opening up plan, and it is the most important frontier for Yunnan to integrate into the “Belt and Road Initiative” road and one of the most important frontier windows to build the pivot for South and Southeast Asia.

Key Recommended Projects

Project 1: Tianhe Project in Gasa Tourist Town, Xishuangbanna

The site is backed by 100,000 hectares of Daheishan Tropical Rain Forest Park. The overall planning is 27,000 mu, with a total investment of over RMB 20 billion and an estimated return rate of 6%.

Project 2: Mengman (International) Rubber Town Project in Mengla (Mohan) Key Development and Opening Up Experimental Zone

Mengman International Rubber Characteristic Town is located in Mengman Port Economic Zone of Mengman Town. The planning land of the characteristic town is 1,077.21 hectares. The project planning has been completed and the preliminary infrastructure construction is in progress. The project is expected to invest RMB 5.14 billion in the near future (2020-2022).

Project 3: Daluo Port Trade Service Area Project

The planned construction land is 124 hectares. It is estimated that the total investment of the project is RMB 3 billion and the annual income will be RMB 300 million. At present, the overall planning of the project has been completed and part of the infrastructure construction is under way.

Project 4: Qizi Cake Tea Cultural Tourism Project

Qizi cake tea culture tourism project is to integrate rich ancient tea resources with national tea culture, and create a unique tea culture tourism route with “a line linking seven tea mountains” according to the overall tourism development idea of tea plus tourism. Hotels, tea mountain hiking, land trip camp, tea picking and making experience are all involved in the project. The planned construction land is 193 hectares (2,895 mu), with an estimated total investment of RMB 6 billion.

Interested parties please contact, for further information.

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